Back Door Specialists (BDS)

Back Door Specialists (BDS) are permanently employed by Peak Instore on behalf of our clients. A typical BDS would work from one Wholesaler / Re-distributor and in addition call on 25 to 40 key identified main market outlets on a regular predetermined basis building sales, distribution, erecting POS and building main market relationships

This model and the ROI is tried and proven and has been of particular success in the township and informal sector markets for a number of brands and category of brands. Through Peak Instore and client interface specific BDS’s models are developed to surpass the specific individual needs of our Clients.

The BDS’s primary responsibility is to Edu-convert shoppers at point of purchase building awareness, trial and conversion from competitor brands, within the Wholesaler or Re-distributor therefore delivering incremental sales and increased Market Share.



Their secondary responsibility is to call on the traders and outlets in the main market sector to:


Educate on brands and convert purchase and on sell from a competitor brand


Look for branding opportunities i.e: poster


Encourage purchase of client they represent 


Commercial argument to assist traders with strategies to help grow their business